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About Us

Silky Meadows was created to help busy women like you find ready to wear vintage clothing made from natural high quality materials, with designs that never go out of style. 

Luxury fabrics at affordable prices, colors you can find in nature and styles that you can wear for many years. Those are the things that turn us on. 

We know how busy life can get with work/school/kids/hobbies, etc. We know you don't have hours to spend at thrift stores digging through piles of donations. We do that for you. 

Every piece of clothing at Silky Meadows was carefully hand picked, inspected for wear and tear, washed or dry cleaned, steamed or ironed, then wrapped in recyclable materials with love and care for you. 

Not only do we love you, we love nature and planet Earth. We want to make sure that in a world flooded with mass produced clothing there is an oasis with pre-loved high quality pieces that can be worn for many years to come.  The clothes we select won't go out of style for many years, but also, if cared for properly, will look as good as new for just as long.

We hope you can find something on our website you can appreciate just as much as we do. If there is a piece your are looking for, but can't find yet, write us in the Suggestions tab.  We will put your suggested item on our shopping list and try to find it for you. 

Have fun shopping at Silky Meadows!