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How to care for cashmere garments

Cashmere is a delicate material. Much like silk it needs special care. But it has wonderful properties that are worth a little extra work. Its very light, but also very warm, it's super soft, and just looks expensive. You will always stand out wearing cashmere. Only if you take a proper care for it. 

Cashmere sometimes can be washed in a washing machine on a Silk/Wool setting, but there is a risk of shrinking or misshaping. If you choose to take a risk and wash it, do it with a Woolite laundry detergent as it's made specifically for delicate fabrics. Most preferable way to wash cashmere garments is to hand wash them. Use Woolite or a similar detergent, sometimes people even use hair shampoo. After all, cashmere is a Cashmere goat's hair. Only use luke warm water and be very gentle. 

Lightly wring a cashmere garment. Harsh wringing will cause deforming. Place a dry bath towel on a flat surface and then spread  your cashmere garment flat. Give it a shape it would have if you wore it. Do not fold sleeves or pants in half. Let it dry like that for 12-24 hours or until fully dry. Flip it over half way through. 

To prolong a life of your cashmere items we recommend you don't wash them after each wear. Only wash them when they are actually dirty or have unpleasant smells. 

You can of course take your cashmere garments to a dry cleaner if you are afraid to ruin them. We recommend you do that with every cashmere blazer, coat or hat. Cardigans and sweaters can be washed by hand and dried flat. 

At Silky Meadows we take all cashmere garments to a dry cleaner to make sure they get professional care. Steaming and ironing is not recommended for cashmere wool. 


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