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Are all pieces on Silky Meadows vintage?

No, they are not all vintage. Some of our pieces are from early 2000's, but they were very special, so we decided to go ahead and snatch them, too. If a garment is made from silk or cashmere, or other premium material, it is our mission to make sure it gets a second chance regardless of its age. 

Are all pieces on Silky Meadows made from natural materials?

Most of them are. The only exception are pieces that have a unique vintage style to them. Some of them were just too hard to pass. 

Are all pieces on Silky Meadows cleaned?

Yes, every garment on our website is either washed with Lysol laundry detergent or professionally dry-cleaned. This is done to: 1) Make sure you get a clean, ready to wear item; 2) Make sure that fabric hasn't aged too much and withstands proper cleaning procedures. 

Do you steam all of your merchandize? 

We steam or iron every garment to make sure it's sanitized and also to make sure it reacts to steaming or ironing in a proper manner. We do recommend that upon receiving of your order you do the same as necessary to get rid of creases caused by folding. You can find all information you need regarding care for your garments in our other publishings. 

Do you have a physical store?

No, we do not have a physical store. Silky Meadows is operated from home.

Where do you find your merchandize?

We find our clothes at various thrift and consignment stores in and around our town. 

What styles does Silky Meadows have?

We appreciate sustainable fashion and for this reason we sell clothes mainly in a minimalistic style. This style implies natural colors, simple cuts, minimum of prints and/or bright colors. 

What is Suggestions Tab and how does it work?

It's pretty simple. If you can't find something in our store that you wish to buy (for example, a red silk camisole in size medium or a black cashmere cardigan in size extra large), you can go to a Suggestions Tab and write us a description of an item you are looking for. We will put it on our shopping list and will be on a lookout for it. We will snatch it for you when we find it and let you know. You are not obligated in any way to make a purchase. Most likely it will be sold anyways, so no stress for anyone involved is necessary. Keep in mind though that shopping for a specific vintage piece can be challenging and we can't guarantee a success every time. 

Are all of your shipping materials recyclable? 

All of our wrapping materials are recyclable and are made from natural materials: paper and cotton. The envelope used for shipping is, however, made from plastic. It is used to make sure that your order doesn't suffer any water damage. 

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